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Thread: Second HD (slave) not automatically mounted

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    Second HD (slave) not automatically mounted


    On my old mobo, there's only 2 IDE connectors for HD.
    On the first connector, master, I have my OS HD; 40GB whereof 8GB for the Xubuntu OS.
    On the first connector, slave I have a 250GB HD backup drive.

    On the second connector I have a DVD-RW drive.

    Xubuntu mounts all drives except for my backup drive.

    I do have to say that the bios only recognizes the second HD as a 160GB HD.
    In the windows partition the drive is being recognized perfectly.

    How can I get the second HD working again?
    Thank you.

    *Edit: Come to think of it, Xubuntu doesn't recognize the 30GB Windows partition neither...
    Both drives are NTFS formatted; perhaps this may be why...*
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    Re: Second HD (slave) not automatically mounted

    anyone experiencing the same issues?
    I'm running this Ubuntu (8.04) from an old Pentium 1,2Ghz AMD,with 256MB RAM (Upgraded recently to 768MB ram).
    The USB ports are still USB1.1

    Maybe the pc is too old for this?

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