hi, after installing ubuntu 8.04 on my acer aspire 5610Z everything worked except my wireless, after some googling i found acerhk, wich enabled my media buttons and after a reboot also enabled my atheros 5007EG

this worked for a week or to, but today i went to school, and in class i found out that my wireless wasnt working anymore

so i tried

# modprobe acerhk
wich returned:

sh: cannot create /proc/driver/acerhk/wirelessled: Directory nonexistent
FATAL: Error running install command for acerhk
after cding to /proc/driver i did an ls and the acerhk directory is gone

so i tried to reboot, didnt work, then i tried to reinstall acerhk, didnt work either

then i tried to google for the error, but google found only one page wich seems to give me a 404

does anyone have an idea? i could try to use acer-acpi, but i dont realy want to because acerhk used to work fine, and acer-acpi doesnt support my mediakeys

help is much appreciated!