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Thread: Cooperation-iws: Ubuntu Intranet Nomad Server

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    Lightbulb Cooperation-iws: Intranet Nomad Server Live CD / USB


    I am writting here for those who might be interested in intranet nomad web server: web server that you can carry with you on usb key /usb hard drive.

    I developped a project based on Ubuntu Hardy Live Cd to automatically install and configure open source web applications such as Moodle or Claroline for elearning or Wordpress, Mediawiki, Dokuwiki for knowledge management.

    The project is open source and contains the following:

    Live CD /DVD with all Web applications installed for demonstration purpose.
    Live script based on Reconstructor ( to customize a normal Hardy Live CD or to install into the Usb media.

    The interest of Live USB server, is that only changes in Web apps are stored so you do not have to worry with administration and you can use the server in different places with different machine without installing anything.

    More info here:

    See you,

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    Exclamation Re: Cooperation-iws: Intranet Nomad Server Live CD / USB


    Howto to make an eLearning portal server on usb key based on the Claroline ( software is available here:

    Ciws project has now a front page here:

    and a wiki here:


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    Arrow Cooperation-iws 0.5.1 release


    I am pleased to announce the availability of Cooperation-iws release.

    Major changes for this release, see changes log attached.

    Visit us at



    0.5.1 release

    - Change LiveUsb part from Live-script, now you do not need disk space any more.
    - Fix syslinux dependency problem for Live Usb part of live script
    - Added some Artwork (Usplash, Wallpaper, Desktop icons)
    - Added Live Usb installer from booted liveCD (fork from
    - Set AMPP servers as facultative dependencies
    - Fix Cooperation-wui ordered list of web applications
    - Fix samba share privileges
    - Added Opengoo 0.8 module
    - Added Snif 1.5.2 module
    - Added EyeOS module
    - Added Custom Akoie 0.5 module
    - Added Radria module
    - Added Moinmoin module
    - Added Twiki 4.2 module
    - Added Achievo 1.3.4 module
    - Added Ampache 3.4.3 module
    - Addded postfix, dovecot, postfixadmin, squirrelmail module
    - Added Cooperation-iws documentation module
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