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Thread: borderless printing

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    borderless printing

    I have an HP C5280, it does great, scans, prints onto CDs and DVDs, prints 4x6 photos great if i put the photo on a memory card and plug it directly into the printer. setup was a non-issue as hardy found the printer and configured it automatically. digikam and gimp print to the printer, but they leave an annoying border around the picture, even when i set the printer margins to 0 all way around. i had the same issue with a previous printer, so it doesn't look like it's a printer problem, but a cups or digikam problem. anyone know if i can do borderless printing?

    on a side note, digikam takes a LONG time to process a photo for printing, anyone know why?


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    Re: borderless printing

    Have you tried using GIMP instead? Maybe it's a DigiKam problem and not a Cups problem? Try a few different applications and see what happens.


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