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Thread: Xubuntu vs Ubuntu+XFCE

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    Re: Xubuntu vs Ubuntu+XFCE

    Ubuntu slow?

    Here is a list of the POS daemons that I always disable when I see them:
    • numlock
    • atd
    • partmon
    • resolvconf
    • avahi-daemon
    • beagle
    • mandi
    • bluetooth

    Any self respecting system has no use for those.



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    Re: Xubuntu vs Ubuntu+XFCE

    How do you disable them? I;'m sure it would help a lot of us if you told us how to do this.

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    Re: Xubuntu vs Ubuntu+XFCE

    Quote Originally Posted by ArtF10 View Post
    That's not a fair statement. Everything/anything will seem easier AFTER it has been done.
    His/her point was that installing a graphical system on Arch is very simple (pacman -S xorg, pacman -S xfce4). Only if you have connection issues will you have to muck around a lot in the CLI.

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    Re: Xubuntu vs Ubuntu+XFCE

    The only way to find out how easy & enjoyable the Arch install process is, is to do it.

    Which means following the Beginners Guide to the letter. There is a great deal more info' available on the Arch wiki (& elsewhere) on all parts of the installation process for those that desire it or need it.

    Some people get stopped by hardware issues, from my observations the most common being wireless networking which has been known to put an end to some attempts quite early in the piece.

    If you can't access the repo's, you can't go too far with Arch.

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    Re: Xubuntu vs Ubuntu+XFCE

    Quote Originally Posted by snowpine View Post
    Running the Psychocats command from Xubuntu will give you... Xubuntu (because the last step is 'install xubuntu-desktop'). It is designed to remove all Gnome packages if you have previously installed ubuntu-desktop.

    Minimal-install plus Xfce would be lighter still.
    Ok, thanks for clarifying that! In fact, when I did do the initial install I did have both on there, so that explains why it sped things up for me. Best part is that when I got to a minimal install, things should get faster still!

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