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Thread: Install problem

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    Install problem

    I inherited a Toshiba A45-S120 Laptop running XP. I would like to install Ubuntu (or maybe Xubuntu).

    During installation after the Ubuntu (and Xubuntu) graphic displays, I get a command line prompt. Typing 'help' displays a list of commands.

    I have no clue what it is looking for here?

    The cd's I created are good. I tested them on my old Ubuntu desktop.

    Is there some type of config setting I need on the laptop?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Install problem

    seems like ubuntu was not able to start x, mabe video card issue
    try the alternate intstall cd..
    once installed you can try to get the right driver for x

    strange, the card is an Intel 852GME, should work with i810 module..
    local linux prophet
    would help you for a thank you

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    Angry Re: Install problem

    Thanks but the text based cd does the same thing without the graphic.

    I'll play around a bit and see what happens. Maybe I'll give open suse a shot.

    Thanks again.


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