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Thread: PCSX Crashes When Game Should Load

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    PCSX Crashes When Game Should Load

    Alright, this is what I want to do: play Playstation games.
    This is what I can't do no matter what: play Playstation games.
    Help me.

    GUI works fine, cdrmooby freezes, though. Using another plug-in, I can choose the game image to load (I have a bunch), but poof, it disappears, the GUI vanishes as soon as I click the load button. That's PCSX.

    pSX shows a language menu but nothing after that.

    I have not tried ePSXe yet, and I honestly want to stay away from that until it's easier to install. (I'm lazy.) Also, I can easily play from any of these emulators in WinXP, so this isn't a serious problem, but I really hate loading Windows at all. Do you think running the Windows versions in Wine would be a good idea?

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    Smile Re: PCSX Crashes When Game Should Load

    Upgrading to Intrepid fixed whatever problems I had. I can also connect to the internet without a Windows driver. The upgrade didn't go smoothly, though. I had to fix some packages after the installation. But everyone turned out for the best, so yay.

    You may close this topic, I guess.

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