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Thread: What is the exact motherboard model of Ratel value?

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    What is the exact motherboard model of Ratel value?

    I'm trying to find Windows XP 64-bit drivers for it but it is kinda difficult to do that when the mobo only has "Intel Desktop Board" printed without a proper number associated with it. (It dual-boots WinXP-64 and Ubuntu Hardy 64-bit, if that helps any). Thanks.

    EDIT: another question. I had to do a clean install of Ubuntu 8.04.1 64-bit on the machine (because the default partition layout is all wrong and inappropriate for dual-boot) but when I try to run the System76 driver software, it gives the error message about only running the program on System76's with Ubuntu.

    EDIT: I figured out my motherboard model, for Ratel value it is "Intel® Desktop Board DG31PR." Source:
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    Re: What is the exact motherboard model of Ratel value?

    We've used a number of different mobos with the Ratel. Please email me at support(at)system76(dot)com with your name and/or order number and I'll look yours up.
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