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Thread: Installing driver - Loadable kernel module? HELP

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    Question Installing driver - Loadable kernel module? HELP


    I am trying to install the drivers for a radio modem. The modem plugs into a usb port, but has a virtual com serial port. It basically creates a virtual serial cable, by sending the serial signal through the usb port to the modem, which then transmits it to a receiver.

    Anyway, the modem came with a cd which has the drivers for linux. I am new to linux and have never installed drivers on it before. There is a readme file which says the driver should be compiled either as a loadable module or into a kernel.

    There is a folder with the extension .tar.gz
    Inside it are two files: ftdi_sio.c and ftdi_sio.h

    I have attached both the readme file and .tar.gz folder as an attachment, so that should allow any of you to find out anything you may need to know about it.

    I'm sure that installing this driver is not a difficult task for an experienced user, and I have spent a lot of time searching around trying to find the easiest way to install it.
    I found a few articles saying how to do it, however I have not been able to get any of their methods to work. I do not want to waste anyone's time by asking a question to which there is already an available answer, but I have been trying for a few weeks with very little success.

    Can any of you please explain what I have to do to install the driver?

    Thankyou very much,
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