I have two hard drives of identical make and model. I want to copy one to another. I have installed the first drive and run:
dd if=/dev/sdb of=myimage.iso

When I install 2nd drive, I run out of space while using:
dd if=myimage.iso of=/dev/sdb

output of detail of destination drive from "lshw -C disk":
description: SCSI Disk
product: DCAS-32160W
vendor: IBM
physical id: 0.4.0
bus info: scsi@2:0.4.0
logical name: /dev/sdb
version: S65A
serial: F26L7833
size: 1023MiB (1073MB)
capacity: 2050MiB (2150MB)
capabilities: 5400rpm
configuration: ansiversion=2 signature=00000600

What is going on here?