I'm having some troubles with the finishing touches on my system.

I'm using OpenBox with pypanel. I have it so so nearly set up exactly as I want. There's just a few things that I'm still trying to figure out. I can't find the answers on Google or IRC so now it's time for here. Hopefully I chose the right place to ask.

1. How can I redirect the action of the power button?
- When I press the power button on the case, I want it to behave more like Gnome. I have a script called ob-power that I want to be executed instead of the system just turning off.

2. How can I give gnome-terminal a name?
- I execute this command
alltray -s -na -i ~/.icons/irssi-invert.png "gnome-terminal --hide-menubar -t irssi -e irssi"
The icon pops into the tray with the name irssi. I gave the tab name irssi, but the tab isn't displayed. When I open up my irssi window it says "Unnamed Window".

3. How can I get pypanel working nice?
- If I minimize an application then focus on another application, it takes two clicks to bring it back. First click brings it back up. Second click brings it back into focus.

I think that's everything else I want to do before I consider my setup perfect.