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Thread: Matlab 7.5.0 XML Parser

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    Question Matlab 7.5.0 XML Parser

    Hi, I hope I am in the good place to post...

    I am having problems using The XML parser Toolbox on Ubuntu, and I am a little lost. Has anyone tried to use it on Ubuntu?
    Is there a probleme with Mex files on ubuntu?

    Thanks for your time

    PS: Here is the error printed by Matlab:

    ??? Invalid MEX-file '/home/tswg/Claire/xmltree/@xmltree/private/xml_findstr.mexglx':
    /home/tswg/Claire/xmltree/@xmltree/private/xml_findstr.mexglx: symbol mxCreateDoubleMatrix, version
    libmx.INTERNAL not defined in file with link time reference.

    Error in ==> xml_parser>prolog at 363
    start = xml_findstr(str,'<',1,1);

    Error in ==> xml_parser at 128
    xmlstring = normalize(prolog(xmlstring));

    Error in ==> xmltree.xmltree at 34
    tree.tree = xml_parser(varargin{1});

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    Re: Matlab 7.5.0 XML Parser

    I had the same problem described here and I just solved it by recompiling the mex-file.

    mex -O xml_findstr.c

    I know this is an old thread, but I hope this helps someone.

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    Re: Matlab 7.5.0 XML Parser

    It helped me ! Thanks !

    It's never too late

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