geruetzel: I'm sorry to hear you had to go back to Vista, but I understand. If you ever want to give Ubuntu another try, I'm still happy to help you figure out the wireless. I'm less experienced dealing wth video issues, but I'd help you with the ATI problems as best I can, too.

kungfoofool: it's strange that things work WEP enabled, but it could have to do with your access point being strange, as you mention. If other APs work fine, I would suspect something odd about your configuration solving the problem. Of course, if the connection works fine in Windows, it should also work fine in Ubuntu, but if you're satisfied with the situation now, we should probably leave well enough alone.

(Otherwise, the next thing I'd suggest is to try ndiswrapper, which I know gerueztel already tried, but unless the Atheros modules were blacklisted, ndiswrapper would not have taken effect.)