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Thread: How to password protect a folder on Linux?

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    How to password protect a folder on Linux?

    This question is being asked by many Linux users on various forums. Today I searched on Google and found this solution on

    You can password protect a zip file. Proceed as follows:

    Create a directory for this experiment, and name it test.
    Copy a few files and paste them into this directory so it isn't empty.
    Now open a terminal and enter:
    $ zip -e -r test test
    Enter password:
    Verify password:
    Delete the directory test.

    Now you have a file which is password protected.

    zip with -e option encrypts the contents of the zip archive using a password. This encrypts with standard pkzip encryption which is considered weak.

    However, the job of protecting the file is done, because even the root user needs the password or should be a hacker to decrypt.
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    Re: How to password protect a folder on Linux?

    Thanks for the effort, but this is not protecting a folder with a password. It's merely compressing a folder into a passworded zip file..
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    Re: How to password protect a folder on Linux?

    Very nice, shame you cant just pp a folder. i know years ago in windows i was using a program to pp folders, i have no idea what it's called now, but i bet if someone looks hard enuf there should be a linux program to encypt or pp folders.
    and ioluas the title is a question not a statement so it's not misleading at all.

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    Talking Re: How to password protect a folder on Linux?

    I've never tried it, but I believe Crypt Manager will allow you to do this.

    Here's a link:

    It looks like they have re-named the package.

    Here's another link:


    Works well.
    You need to install three packages in the order listed here:

    1. conceal_0.0.5-0ubuntu1-all.deb
    2. conceal_gtk-0.0.5-0ubuntu1-all.deb
    3. nautilus-conceal_0.0.5-0ubuntu1-all.deb

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