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Thread: scp and rsync stall when transferring from Ubuntu hardy heron 8.04

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    scp and rsync stall when transferring from Ubuntu hardy heron 8.04

    After I upgraded to Hardy, it seems that scp and rsync no longer transfer files properly. Scp stalls somewhere after 2000KB, and rsync stalls after a few files, I haven't determined the limit. The issue could be fixed from my workplace's environment by a reduced --bwlimit with rsync, but from another location I cannot transfer files reliably either to, or from, my Hardy desktop, when the other end is also a Hardy computer.

    I am seeing this:
    $ scp gdm-themes.tar.gz drache:dev/.
    gdm-themes.tar.gz                              28% 2112KB   1.7MB/s   00:03 ETA
    gdm-themes.tar.gz                              33% 2448KB   0.0KB/s - stalled -
    I read about a workaround by setting a lower MTU on the interface in question, but it did not help.
    I also tried playing around with the MTU values using:
    sudo ping -f -v -c 10 -s somenumber
    and it appeared I get packet loss (20-30%) on all mtu values, except values exceeding 3000 (which does not make sense since I can't set that on my wireless interface, 2200 seems to be the maximum).

    Further research into this has yielded no positive results. I went and downloaded the newest OpenSSH 5.1, compiled and installed it, to no avail; transfers from this computer still stall. I am fairly certain it is not the ssh. This occurs on both of my Ubuntu 8.04 machines: My 64-bit desktop, which is using the 8139too network module for an RTL network card, and my laptop, which uses atheros-based wireless.

    My desktop had wondershaper installed. I removed it to see if that was causing the problem, but the problem remains.

    Has anyone else run into this? any other workarounds?
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