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Thread: server install - titles

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    server install - titles

    I attempted my first install using Ubuntu 8.04.1 server, to set up a LAMP server (just for fun). For the sake of those who haven't tried the server install, the install GUI is essentially very Old School (red and blue). This is fine, as it still guides you through the same processes as usual, and basically its ok. BUT I noticed something which I'm guessing that the seasoned Linux user wouldn't pay attention to, but a newbie would....

    each step of the installation process has its own title, which in my opinion need revisiting, as they're a little misleading.

    check this very helpful tutorial (which i followed):
    and read the titles of each window:

    shouldn't this say "Keyboard detection" ?

    shouldn't this say "Keyboard Origin"?

    shouldn't this say "Keyboard layout"?
    and a little later on (this one caught me out actually)

    This should say "Installing selected software"

    The reason I say this caught me out is this. If you reach the end of the install, you have opportunity to hit the "Back" button if you forgot to install something (which i did). Then you are presented a screen from where you select the installation step you would like to return to. This is great! - well it would be if the titles corresponded to the titles shown during the actual install process. So i was scratching my head a while, wondering which step to select, thankfully i took a gamble and i got it right...

    Any chance that this can be revisited for future versions?
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