Hey all, I've got a little issue here that hopefully someone can help with. I'm a teacher for a small parochial school, have a computer lab of 25 pcs, all running ubuntu, the issue is that at the beginning of each school year I reclone the basic system onto all the machines. 15 of them are all identical Dell Optiplex's with cd-roms, no problem there, I just load up one, and use clonezilla to clone the others. The other 10pcs are Optiplex's as well, but they're the small slimline black ones and have no cdrom drives. They have floppy and usb though. Previously I opened them up one at a time, hooked up a cd-rom, loaded and cloned. Looking to make this process a little easier this year. I'm hoping to find a way to load my initial machine with Ubuntu by booting a USB drive, the using the usb to boot up clonezilla and clone the systems, but I'm not sure how to go about it, any ideas?

thanks in advance,