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Thread: install error, any workarounds?

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    Angry install error, any workarounds?

    while installing Ubuntu 8.04 on my eee pc G4 ( non-surf) i kept getting an error #5 ( I/O error) and said it was either a cd/dvd or HD failure. Since i was installing from a live USB key and the eee does not have a HD, it must be the SSD failing. but since i had the previous ubuntu install ( 7.10) work perfectly until i modified the partitions in this ( 8.04) install, it can't be too serious.
    - SO, is there any way to check the SSD for bit rot ? . and any way to skip those parts in the install
    - OR any way to suppress the error from quitting the installation?
    thanks ahead of time

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    Re: install error, any workarounds?

    same here =(
    Completely the same thing =( I guess we both used UNETBOOTIN... Do we have to use an external dvd drive? =(

    HELP ;_;

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    Re: install error, any workarounds?


    I have the same problem. When i try to install XP, Vista, Xandros for ex ther are no problems. But with Ubuntu it will not work. Error 5...

    I have tried both with DVD and usb instalation, and from difrent downloads and ISOs so i dont think that is the problem...

    Is there someone how kan help us???

    And Im so sorry for my English... I have problem writ in my own native language (dyslektik)!

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