I need some help in setting up a directory structure. I have partitioned my hard disk in to 6 partitions:
A. Windows XP ntfs partition
B. Gnome Partition (Current Ubuntu partition and will be used for playing around in the future)
C. Dual Gnome/KDE partition 1 (in process of installation)
D. Dual Gnome/KDE partition 2 (will be used next Ubuntu upgrade)
E. Shared Data partition (I plan to keep all user files here and access them from the other paritions).
F. Swap partition.

1. When running in one of the Gnome partitions, I can mount the shared data partition by selecting it under Nautilus>computer and right clicking to Properties>Mount. However, when I restart the computer, the shared_data is no longer mounted. How do I maintain the mounting through restarts? Does it have anything to do with fstab? What is the purpose of fstab? If I need to alter it, is there any GUI utility to do that?

2. Even when I have shared_data mounted, I cannot access it (copy a file to it). When I right click>properties>permissions, all the permissions are dimmed so I can't set them. Is there someway I can make this partition accessible?

3. I would like to have files on shared_data be owned (and permitted) by each user account just like data on the Ubuntu partitions. I would also like to have the same user accounts on different Ubuntu paritions be able to access the files for that user. Is there any way to do this? I am thinking of Group permissions but as I say in 2 above, I can't move even a single file to shared_data.

4. Under GParted I gave all my partitions labels. However,
GParted would not maintain the windows partition label and hence my windows partition shows up in Nautilus as "31.5 GB Media". Is there any way to give that a name of "Windows"? Windows file format is ntfs.

5. When I set up my current Ubuntu (partition B above), I defined a swap partition for it. I would like to move away from using a swap partition to having each partition just swap to one of its own files. This way (as I understand it) the swap partition won't be shared among the various Ubuntu partitions and hibernate will work. How can I redirect the various Ubuntu partitions to swap to local files so I can delete the swap partition? Right now they are all coming up with swap pointed at the swap partition (at least that is how I read fstab).

I am running Ubuntu Hardy on a Dell Latitude D610 laptop