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We really need the OEMs and any other companies to help press the mobo vendors for Coreboot support, and to contribute development resources.

That isn't going to happen unless we speak out. I signed that petition above for this reason.
What people are missing is this IS the major hurdle in the entire effort. Coreboot (linuxbios) has been an active project for some time now, but its functioning on the limited support of hardware vendors. That is why there are very few intel chips and those that do garner support are very depreciated. Opening up the code to how the chips function is a major concern for chipset manufacturers. Even the efforts of intel and EFI have had slow progress in the area of firmware improvement.

The only way to get support on the systems is to experiment on your own. It harkens back to the days when Linux was just in your infancy and systems was just as limited.