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Thread: Fuppes + Elisa media center?

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    Fuppes + Elisa media center?

    Hello I'm using Fuppes UPnP media server so i can stream all my movies, music and pics to my PS3.
    But i also got a computer with Elisa media center on it. Is there any way to connect to the UPnP server with Elisa? if so, how do you do it?

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    Re: Fuppes + Elisa media center?

    The older Elisa (0.3.5) I'm pretty sure had UPnP support, both server & client, the new one (0.5) has not had the UPnP support implemented yet. I'm not sure what Fuppes is but I know you can mount a UPnP share with djmount ( Try just mounting it then setting Elisa to use the mounted directory for searching audio/video.


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