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I haven't heard of a single Linux user who would have installed the 3D drivers for the SiS 6717&72 Mirage 3 graphics chip.

Mr. Barros Lee of SiS in Taiwan wrote the 3D driver and internally released it, however, SiS refuses to publish the driver to end-users (that's us) but allegedly only gives it to mainboard manufacturers. I asked the manufacturer of my wife's laptop (Haier, a big Chinese consumer electronics comapny), but they didn't know of a driver for Linux. Mr. Lee is not allowed to release the driver himself; only a 2D driver can be sent to end-users which - in my case - performs pretty badly.

As there is no way of getting the driver at the moment and most probalby neither in the near future, I thought we should try to build it ourselves.

I've got no experience whatsoever in programming drivers, but I have been working as a software developer for a while now and am experienced in microcontroller programming. I don't know what is required to write a driver for the chip, but I would like to volunteer for working in a team of people who know more.

Is there anybody willing to participate? If you've got any information that could be helpful in the process please post it. If you've got a machine with this chip you could volunteer as a tester.

I don't know if anything usable will come out of this idea, but I really hope we will be able to solve this problem.