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    Broken Package

    A word of warning, if you're still using Gutsy and you wish to install the Irish Dictionary in Language Support, don't. It broke my OS. Gutsy had been trouble free since Mid-November.

    The installation hung for hours and running sudo dpkg --configure -a did not fix it; terminal hung at the same point (connected to the package that provides Irish Dictionary support for mail clients) It may be the case that I use Thunderbird rather than the native Evolution that caused it; I don't know.

    In any case, it was goodbye to this great OS that has been so steady on my laptop.

    I installed Gutsy and ran into a nasty Start-up bug (Bug # 191137). At one stage it seemed that I was going to have to re-compile the Kernel, a daunting task for a still noobish user.

    I located the Kernel which I needed and armed myself with the appropriate commands just in case.

    Luckily, further reading revealed that there was a fix in Hardy Proposed, it's a new version of the Kernel and it works well.

    I held my breath while the Gaelic Dictionary was being installed but this time all went well.

    Hardy is working really well and I'm delighted with the new functionality in Nautilus and the GUI.

    Kerry are on their way to a three in a row, I have a brand new shiny OS and all is well.
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