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Thread: triing to use belkin wireless G USB network adapter

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    triing to use belkin wireless G USB network adapter

    I've just got my new computer with Ubuntu and I'm wanting to know if a Belking Wireless G USB Network Adapter will work. The installation cd will open, but of course nothing downloads. Can someone help please


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    Re: triing to use belkin wireless G USB network adapter

    Have used Belkin USB on both Ubuntu Gutsy and Hardy. Some report that it works out of the box with Hardy. I've always had to use ndiswrapper. Process is:

    Unplug adapter before you boot.

    Install ndiswrapper through Synaptic.

    Open terminal.

    Remove the following drivers using these commands:

    sudo modprobe -r rt2500usb
    sudo modprobe -r rt73usb
    Blacklist rt2500usb and rt73usb by opening text editor (mousepad for Xubuntu - gedit for Ubuntu) as follows:

    sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
    add "blacklist rt2500usb" and "blacklist rt73usb" (Without the quotes) to end of list, save and close.


    Blacklist doesn't work until you reboot. If you don't, the wrong driver will be associated.

    On your desktop, open "Home" - right click in an open area and create a file - I called mine "Belkin". Insert the install cd. Open and navigate to the driver file under XP. there will be 3 files. Copy all 3 files to the file you created under "Home" by dragging and dropping. The drivers will not load directly from the cd.

    Now install the driver you just copied with the following (If the .inf file you copied is not the rt73, replace as appropriate below) :

    sudo ndiswrapper -i /home/(your user name)/Belkin/rt73.inf
    Insert the wireless adapter.

    Now issue the following commands:

    sudo depmod -a
    sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
    I think these create the module. Now edit modules to load ndiswrapper when you boot as follows (If you are using Xubuntu, replace gedit with mousepad):

    sudo gedit /etc/modules
    Add "ndiswrapper" (without quotes) to the end of the list.

    Establish alias with following command:

    sudo ndiswrapper -m


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