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Thread: Bluetooth & Bitpim with LG Phones

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    Re: Bluetooth & Bitpim with LG Phones

    I've fallowed this guide and I can send data to my phone, and retrieve phone info. All indications are that the connection is working properly.

    However, BitPim will not "Find Phone," and the button to send info to the phone is disabled. I'm wondering if BitPims failure to find the phone arbitrarily disables the ability to write to the phone?

    But again, I do know I can retrieve information from the phone, such as the model, contacts, and ringtones. Just can't write to it.

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    Re: Bluetooth & Bitpim with LG Phones

    As a brief update, this also works with the Samsung Alias 2 (I haven't tried writing to it).

    There's another (better) guide that automates this process:

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