Every time I upgrade my OS I do a clean new install, having backed up my home directory. Unfortunately, some functions always have to be rebuilt. Such as my Lexmark/Dell printer drivers.
So, here's what it took in Ubuntu 10.04:
go to Applications/Software Center, search for and install
Now, download the following and have the debian installer open and install them:

Next thing. open "System/Administration/Printing" and make sure you haven't already installed this printer with the wrong driver. There's a Lexmark driver for another 1200 series printer, which is what we usually all try. If so, delete this printer.

Plug in the printer, and have the printer driver utility search for a driver. It won't find it. It will then ask you to pick from a list of drivers. Select "Lexmark/X600" but name the printer whatever you are actually using.
The utility will ask if you want to print a test page. If the test page prints, you're golden.