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Thread: Plain-language help for sudoers

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    Plain-language help for sudoers

    Is there an easy-to-understand description of the sudoers file syntax?

    The man page is incomprehensible!

    First, it fails to begin with the standard syntax description. Instead you get a description of EBNF, a clutter of extra punctuation that uses some of the same characters as the syntax it describes. How do you keep the syntax and metasyntax separate?

    Then, you get some bibble-babble about four kinds of aliases. What is the connection between these aliases and entries in the sudoers file?

    If I manage to work this out for myself, where could I post my simplified explanation? I'm sure I can't be the only one who finds the current overly abstract man page really confusing.

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    Re: Plain-language help for sudoers


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