I'm trying to put on our server some sort of software that would enable our team to work more efficiently. I was thinking of something that would enable us to send/receive email(personal and communal), have address books (personal and communal), have the ability to schedule into a time table that would show overlapping, etc.
Anyway I found a web based project called eGroupware and it looks quite promising but I'm not sure about one thing. Our server has the ability to serve web pages but no email server since the primary page and email server is being hosted elsewhere. So I don't know if this eGroupware can be configured to be hosted on this server but send/receive email via the other server.
If anyone has any suggestions or information they are most welcome.
Is there some other software that I could use other than eGroupware but it has to be cross platform since some of the clients aren't familiar with linux.
Thanks for the help and bye.