I've been trying to build a media server (based on Xubuntu) for my content and backups at home but have been facing several problems i cannot resolve and that, i hope, you'll be able to help me with. I've followed Brett Thomas guide (http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/2007/06...r_own_server/1) and created a home server that works reasonably well.

My problems, however, relate to the PC I use to access my headless server. Essentially, everything works fine when I use one of my Windows PCs but fails misserably when trying to access from my Kubuntu desktop.

For example, from Kubuntu I can access the server via ssh, but cannot through VNC: it connects and before bringing the first screen back, disconnects. That's where, I believe the problem probably is, because with several applications the same thing happens. The client connects and then keeps waiting for an answer from the server that never comes. Another example is when I try to use the web access to configure some of the applications ((http://restore-backup.com/index.php?...tpage&Itemid=1, MediaTomb, etc...) which I can access from my windows client, but cannot from the Kubuntu one (essentially I fire up Firefox, connect to the configuration URL - Exe: - and everything i get is a waiting for server response).

Does this ring a bell on anyones head to help me out? Best regards,