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Thread: Dell Inspiron 5150 doesn't work!!

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    Dell Inspiron 5150 doesn't work!!

    Hi my laptop dell Inspiron 5150 dosen't work. Well when I press the start button I get an orange light on the battery led.

    I done a google search and found their is a defect in the design which causes this.

    it's something to do with the pressure from the case on some black plastic stuff and it slowly breaks a chip which causes what I am experiencing I think.

    if you google dell inspiron 5150 design fault you will find many talking about this and saying how to fix it.

    I opened the laptop and took everything out all the way to the mother board and then located this chip too off the black plastic that was on top of the chip and then took a soder gun and heated each legs to hopefully make the legs to reattached if anything was cracked on a micro scale I didn't see any fracture of any legs.

    what should I do??? The warrenty ran out.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 5150 doesn't work!!

    any ideas what I can do???

    I tried resoddering it and couldn't get it fixed.I thought maybe I should try again resoddering it thinking I didn't heat it long enough.


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