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Thread: Upgrading Ubuntu to Xubuntu on an offline pc

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    Question Upgrading Ubuntu to Xubuntu on an offline pc


    I'm currently running an old pc,offline,with an Ubuntu 8.04.1 .iso I downloaded recently.

    Now without too much trouble I would like it to change to Xubuntu (installing the xubuntu-desktop).

    I can't install via synaptic or apt-get due to no internet connection. So I wanted to download all necessary .deb files etc to install the deb on Ubuntu.
    However, the xubuntu-desktop.deb file I found for hardy is only 14kb in size.

    Is this file everything I need to get the xfce interface,or are there depending .deb packages involved that I'll need to download?

    thank you!

    *Edit: I realise I can download the alternate xubuntu .ISO file to solve the problem, but wanted if possible,save some bandwidth.*
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