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Thread: Clock ticks fast on Linux guest

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    Clock ticks fast on Linux guest

    I've found a few threads about this, but none of them have been sufficient to fix the problem for me it seems.

    I'm using an Ubuntu guest on a Windows XP host and the clock on the guest ticks much faster than it's supposed to. In the other threads I've found about this there were a number of suggestions:

    1) Upgrade your linux kernel, newer versions address this.
    - I'm already using a newer version than the one that was suggested. Mine is 2.6.24-19.generic

    2) Append "clock=pit" or "clock=pmtmr" to the end of the kernel line in the GRUB boot loader configuration file.
    - I've tried both of these, although I believe pmtmr is the default on newer linux kernels. pit seems to be the most accurate

    3) Synchronize time with VMWare Tools.
    - This is currently enabled on my guest.

    Before I did any of this, my clock was ticking at about 1 minute every 10 seconds. Now seems to lose about 1 minute every hour. So this definitely helped but it's still way too fast. Is there anything else I can do? Can I control the interval at which VMWare Tools syncs with the guest? If so I can set it to synchronize with the guest like every 10 minutes or something. It doesn't appera to have synchronized in the past 10 hours.

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    Re: Clock ticks fast on Linux guest

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    Re: Clock ticks fast on Linux guest

    Same thing. Tried the suggestions in the link but my clock is running at double speed.

    The article doesn't mention dual or quad core processors. Mine is a quad.
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