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Thread: XUbuntu won't let me past Partitioning Step

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    XUbuntu won't let me past Partitioning Step

    Edit: I'm using the Live CD XUbuntu 8.04.1 (I think that's the correct version number..)

    I get to Step 4 Partitioning and I've tried the install to a hard drive using remaining free space as a Parition and also using an entire hard drive as the partition and both seem to not do anything and leave me at the Partitioning step. I even deleted the entire partition on the hard drive to install to and it still won't go.

    Now I did a little googling before this and found that people with install problems with XUbuntu were told to use the alternate install cd, which I will get shortly. Is that what I need or do I need something else?
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    Re: XUbuntu won't let me past Partitioning Step

    the alternate cd should do fine.


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