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Thread: Mounting CIFS in fstab ?

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    Question Mounting CIFS in fstab ?


    im relatively new to Linux on my desktop. Working on serverside since some years but never had to mount a network drive. I have a NAS which use CIFS Network Protocol I want to mount hard each time I boot. Currently I use smbfs to mout it and I need to specify me USername + Password in the fstab.
    2nd is very unsecure because it is in cleartext.

    My Questions:

    a) Is there any option to natively support CIFS other then mounthing through smbfs ?

    b) How should I enter it in the fstab that e.g. ubuntu ask me for a password when I first access the mounted device ? I dont want to leave my PWD in the fstab.

    Currently I ust this for mounting but i do not know if it is 100% correct, I can access and rw but I experience some problems If I open files direktly on the remote side and try to save them. (Office e.g.) Some apps are telling me that htis file is currently in use by somebody and I cant override it. What I have to do is to save it asl test2.xls and after this delete the original and rename test2 back to the org. file.

    I guess it have something todo with a wrong fstab mount call.

    ("server" is the hostname of my NAS)

    //server/projekte /mnt/projekte smbfs auto,owner,rw,username=solariz,password=#####,uid= 1000,gid=1000 0 0

    Thanks alot

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    Re: Mounting CIFS in fstab ?

    From dmizer's signature:

    In particular, notice the section about the credentials file.
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