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Thread: Slow wired network speeds

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    Slow wired network speeds

    I am having a problem with network speeds in Ubuntu 8.04. Speeds are normal for about 10 minutes then everything slows down to about 3KBps. It works fine in vista on the same machine, and other computers on the network are unaffected.

    Normally pings to my gateway take <1ms and pings to google take about 85ms. After it slows down pings to my gateway or any other computer on the network take over 800ms and pings to google take over 1000ms.

    I've tried checking the log files in /var/log but I cannot find anything that would cause this. I've also disabled ipv6 along with a few other quick "fixes" I found on google.

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    Re: Slow wired network speeds


    I've noticed that the activity link light on my nic turns off and on every 2 seconds or so but still flashes when there is activity. In windows or SUSE stays on all the time and just flashes when there is activity.

    I tried transferring some large files over the network with wireshark running but again didn't see anything abnormal.


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