Hello Everyone -

Earlier posted in absolute beginners forum, but could not get a response, so adding in this dedicated installation forum.

I installed Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop version on a Intel Dual Core + Realtek combination - single partition and everything was installed successfully. I did the basic checks and confirmed all my hardware and internet connections were working.

The initial issue was that when I tried shutting down the machine, I got an error like "Kenrel Panic - Not able to sync". The CPU powered off after that but this message kept displaying on monitor. At this point, the applications and hardware was working fine.

Yesterday night I try to start my machine and get this error on start up (I will note down what all i remember)

1. MP_BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC kernel panic - not syncing
2. Kernel Panic - Init Failed - try setting init= and try again

I tried restarting the machine, but now it just does not boot. I don't see a BIOS screen nor do I see any GRUB loading activities.

The hardware still works - i get power to monitor, my cd drive works, speakers get power.

I tried starting the machine from live cd, but does not work. The keyboard also died.

Any suggestions what I should be doing to get this back up?
All help appreciated.