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Thread: trading software needed (4X)

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    trading software needed (4X)

    Hello all, and thank you for your help in advance. I have recently been learning to trade forex via my nieghbors laptop that I was fixing. he runs xp but heck no one's perfect. any ways. my problem is how do I install some type any type of software that will allow me to trade in ubuntu or edubuntu. my pc is down so im using the kidz (edubuntu) In addition to that when i go to sites that require (java run time) all i get is a click to install plugin but the pluggin is then not available for installation or something to that effect. Please Advise.

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    Re: trading software needed (4X)

    Well i trade a bit too,but i am not aware of any trading softwares.For instance you may use the software that you used in Windows XP in Ubuntu itself.An windows emulator program called Wine allows you to install almost every software of windows in your linux/debian system.A fine search at would yeild you results and dont forget to install the dependancies you encounter.


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