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Thread: screen error?

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    screen error?

    the following happens to both wine and crossover.
    i have an ati radeon x1270. whenever i try to install a program through wine/crossover or right click>run using wine emulator, the screen severely distorts and becomes patchy and unreadable, and seems to split into two vertically(i can barely see two instances of the window). is this a problem with my graphics card? or am i doing something wrong?

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    Re: screen error?

    I have the same problem with my ati x1650 agp card,this must be because of the ati driver its not very stable at all and can be a nightmare to install. Im sure that its not your screen that is messed up.If anyone have got this to work i would like to hear from them.I had no luck with the running games in wine . Photoshop works very well but not games.


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