I just bought a Thinkpad R61 with intel chips, wireless, and video. Everything works fine except encrypted DVD playback. (unencrypted DVDs do play, and DVD data disks work fine).

Kaffeine gives the following error message:
"the source can't be read.

Maybe you don't have enough rights for this, or this source doesn't contain data (e.g: no disc driver). (Encrypted or faulty DVD)"

I have installed everything I need to play DVDs (libdvdcss, etc.). I am a reasonably experienced linux user, and I have installed on many machines and never had any trouble with DVDs. In other words, I am certain that this is specific to this hardware, and that I am not missing any software.

I have reproduced the problem in Mandriva 2008 Spring and Debian (Etch and Lenny), Totem with gstreamer and kaffeine with xine.

Does anyone have this machine and experience the same problem. It is to the point I am wondering if I should return it. I hope not because it is a great machine...

Thanks for any help!