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Thread: Failed Installation

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    I bailed out! After spending a WEEK, and trying dozens of "fixes" I never ever could get the GRUB bootloader fixed.

    I had to purchase a RECOVERY DVD and totally RELOAD my system.

    There is a poor support system out here, I expected to find a lot of "experts" and I found lots of "Suggestions" that did NOT work.

    I was not impressed with Linux if it takes this much effort to
    solve such a simple problem WHY wouldnt UBUNTU provide some fix for this, it was a UBUNTU distribution that caused it.

    I learned one thing about LINUX, I am now a Microsoft guy forever. I think LINUX is just DOS for the dark ages.

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    Re: Failed Installation

    Your probably better off sticking with Microsoft.

    Still just because I'm a curious guy. Did you ever try calling Microsoft's trained and paid (None of which the people here are) Tech's and asking them for help in getting both OS's to play nice together. I bet I can tell you what their answer would be. Yes you may not have encountered "experts" here (There are some but most are just users like you and me) But at least we try to help everyone who comes here no matter what OS they are using.

    Incidently if the problem was so "simple" then why did you need help with it anyway?

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