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Thread: installing on sata drive

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    installing on sata drive

    hi, I am very new to Ubuntu so please bare with me!

    I have just installed and setup a server with it so i can access all of my harddrives from my mac machines. I turned it off last night and then it wouldnt boot this morning. I have decided anyway to reinstall it on my raptor drive but with no hope.

    I am using an old abit nf7-s board which has sata ports but is not detecting my harddrive to partition it ??? I know from windows you would put in a floppy disk and load the drivers but how would I get round this problem and help ubuntu see my hard drive . . . .

    Thanks in advance to a very confused person!!!


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    Re: installing on sata drive

    go into the bios and change the sata mode from ACHI to ide or compatibility.
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    Re: installing on sata drive

    Quote Originally Posted by tamoneya View Post
    go into the bios and change the sata mode from ACHI to ide or compatibility.
    I wonder if the OP isn't having the "magical random drive designation" problem?

    Ubuntu has built in support for AHCI... I don't need any special driver disk when installing it (although I DO if I use XP - which doesn't have AHCI built in).

    Sometimes I install Ubuntu onto a USB hard drive as an "expendable" experimental setup.

    The drive is initally setup (i.e. GRUB) as HD3,0 but upon reboot I have to edit that line to say HD0,0 or else it won't boot.

    Once I boot, I have to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and fix the HD number so that it will boot in the future (without having to mess with the start screen).

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