I have a problem with the Thinkfinger on Lenovo X61s with Hardy. I followed the http://en.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_...th_ThinkFinger website and the fingerpoint integration works fine except one issue: If I'm locking my screen in gnome and I would like to unlock it, then it prompts with the password dialog, it has the text "Password or swipe your finger:". I can unlock the screen with my finger, but if I'm trying to put my password instead, it is not working. It says "Authentication failed", several times. Several times means: I put my password one time+ENTER, but the dialog shows "Authentication failed", clears the password field and without any button press, it behaves like after pressing the ENTER again with empty password field, it says "Authentication failed" again. It repeats several times and the dialog disappears finally.

Does anybody else experience this problem? I googled without any result.