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Thread: Hey Everyone

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    Hey Everyone

    Hey there everyone,
    I'm new to the Co team, just signed up a day or so ago after I had read about it. Fairly new to Ubuntu. I was just curious about who's who, what you all do and what (if any) projects your working on.

    My name is Sean and I am 20. I live in Broomfield with my lovely wife Maren. Work wise, I am a dental Technition, and run a CAD/CAM mill and head up the CAD "department" (so far only myself and one other with 2 different CAD systems) of a dental lab in Lafayette. I love to tinker and repair things, I was for some time a mechanic both in Virginia (home state) and here at Transwest. I like to work on my jeep and take it four wheeling to remote camp sites and my most recent project now that I am more comfortable with Ubuntu is to install a system in the jeep to host my audio lib. and serve as a gps/google map traffic monitor.

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    Re: Hey Everyone

    Welcome, to the group!

    Unfortunately most of the team does not reply here in ubuntu forums much anymore. Instead most use the Mailing list (found here:, or the IRC channel.

    But, my name is Andrew Barney. I am 18, Avidly interested in Robotics, Computers, and AVR microcontrollers.

    I have been designing my own CNC router, and have been working on multiple AVR projects. My CNC design is on hold for the moment and incomplete. That's interesting that you use cad programs. I am learning how to use Solidworks, PCB Designer, Altium Designer, Eagle CAD.


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