I recently performed a fresh install of Hardy Heron on my Dell Inspiron 640m. Hence, I had to re-install my printer. Coming from a Microsoft Windows background, this setup took me quite a while to figure out. The Brother: Linux Driver Homepage did not help much in terms of the procedure. Their FAQ was confusing. But, they did provide the drivers that would actually work. Hardy Heron auto-detected the printer but the default driver could not print.
  1. From the Brother Linux Driver Homepage, download the appropriate LPR Printer Driver and CUPS Printer Driver. Note that you should get the Debian package. These turned out to be dcp135clpr-1.0.1-1.i386.deb and dcp135ccupswrapper-1.0.1-1.i386.deb respectively.
  2. In a terminal, type the following
    sudo mkdir /usr/share/cups/model
    sudo mkdir /var/spool/lpd/
    sudo mkdir /var/spool/lpd/dcp135c
    These should be performed sequentially. (For some reason, the mkdir command can't seem to create nested directories.)

  3. Install the debian driver package for LPR Printer Driver.
  4. Install the debian driver package for CUPS Printer Driver.

The Brother printer is now installed. The required ppd file will be installed in /usr/share/cups/model. For some odd reason, the /var/spool/lpd/dcp135c directory cannot be viewed. It claims that I am not the owner. The owner is "lp" and the group is "lp". I presume this to be an issue with access rights.