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Thread: cpufreq limits overridden?

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    cpufreq limits overridden?

    I have an Asus UX31 ultrabook with a core i7 4-core processor, running Ubuntu 12.04.
    It overheats when playing Zero-K ( , a Spring engine game ). The overheat causes an immediate shutdown if I do not stop the game before that.
    I am trying to workaround the overheat by setting cpufreq limits like this:

    cpufreq-set -r --max 1.20GHz -g ondemand

    The 1.2 GHz limit holds for some 5-10 minutes when starting the game, but after that the 4 cores just go up to 1.8 GHz without permission. I can see this with

    sudo cpufreq-info | grep current

    The (asserted by call to hardware) numbers climb to 1.8 GHz while the limits stay the same. Also, without sudo I only get values within the limits, since the user cannot query the hardware.

    Any idea how I can keep the CPU from going above the cpufreq limits or workaround the overheat in another way?

    P.S. I am using this GNOME Shell extension to see that the CPU overheats:

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