Hi, I am trying to connect to a wireless network. I am able to connect, but the connection is too unstable. It keeps connected less than 2 minutes if I try to access a site or homepage. I don't know what is happening. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 with Ubuntu 10.04 64 bits. I read in another Forum (Intel for windows vista) that it was an issue with the Power Save Polling (PSP) causes connection issues with some access points.
They suggest: "An optional workaround is to manually put the Wi-Fi adapter into Continuously Aware Mode (CAM). This disables the PSP feature. The Wi-Fi adapter can be put into CAM using the following methods:

Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility
etwork Control Panel Applet (NCPA)"

But I don't know how to disable this feature in Ubuntu Linux. May you help me shoing me in step by step? Perhaps it happens me to get a stable connection.
sorry for my poor English. My native language is Brasilian Portuguese.
Thanks in advance.
Antonio Carlos