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When last did you go to the wiki?
Latest modified should be very recent.
As for pages with no infomation, we have just moved our wiki over to new systems, and migration is still underway, but everything should be up to speed soon.

Also, most of the discussions take place on the mailinglist, so its very important to subscribe to the mailinglist (also detailed in the stikies).

But if you feel that there is not enough going on, or nothing that interests you, then feel free to start something. Our work as a community will only work if people take charge. It will also be worth your while to check out #ubuntu-za on the FreeNode IRC network. Not much happens there normally, but every so often we will hold a meeting there to discuss issues such as moving certain projects forward.
Thanks I will join, I notice that a lot of people refer to IRC as the primary means of communication i feel that mailing lists/JABBER is a much better option

I will join the mailing lists and hopefully we can grow the group that started ubuntu SA.