Hello every one

I am absolute novice to UBUNTU. My inspiration was my nephew playing with Gutsy Gibbon which prompted my try out UBUNTU. I was impressed with the concept of Ubuntu and the fact that it is immune to virus attack. I happen to be a radio ham and constantly experiment with new sound card based radio digital modes on HF and I have heard UBUNTU has loads of ham software. However I have so much Windows data and software that I must go for a dual boot system. I recently upgraded my PC to a Core2Quad processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 250 GB HDD. I have already downloaded and burnt the ISO image into an installation CD for 64 bit desktop PC. I have partitioned my 250 GB hard drive into the following partitions:

60 GB partition NTFS format (Drive C) where I have installed XP
installed Windows XP SP2. There is still 54 GB remaining in this drive.

140 GB partition NTFS format (Drive E) which I intend to use as my data drive.

50 GB partition unformatted.

Before I start UBUNTU installation in my PC I have the following questions:

1. Can I perform a guided installation in the unformatted 50 GB space? Do I have to format it NTFS with Windows disk manager before installing UBUNTU and then can Hardy Heron be guided installed in this 50 GB space?

2. If a guided installation of the above (1) is not possible then is a manual install possible in this partition. If so how to manually install UBUNTU in this 50 GB space.

3. If I have to install UBUNTU in drive C (60GB) where Windows is already installed then during guided installation what should be the ideal partition in this drive for Ubuntu to set up and leave adequate space for Windows XP.

I would be grateful if I could receive any help in this regard. I have also some confusion of what I should import from Windows during the installation.

Looking forward to any help.

Nilanjan Majumdar, VU2HFR