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Thread: PVR-350 + PVR-150 Driver issue?

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    PVR-350 + PVR-150 Driver issue?

    I have a Compaq Presario that I have setup with a PVR-350 and a Nvidia 6600 PCI-E. This setup works flawlessly.

    I then decided to add a PVR-150. In the backend setup, the card is recognized and I can scan channels from it. Also I can get video from mplayer. However, after a reboot the card will no longer tune any channels either in Myth Setup or with mplayer.

    Dmesg states it is using tuner=47. I have tried forcing tuner=50 in modprobe.conf with no results.

    The PVR-150 was originally sharing an IRQ with the Nvidia card. I shuffled the card several times to no avail. Eventually I set the BIOS to non plug and play and now everything has it's own irq, but the problem remains.

    This pattern is repeatable over appx 6-7 fresh installs.

    Any ideas?
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