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Thread: Production Web Server

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    Production Web Server

    I'm going to set up Production Web Server on Ubuntu 8.04 Server Edition.

    1. is there any need to configure Raid while installing the Ubuntu Server if i back up my data in a regular basis?
    2. if so, then which Raid would be better for Production Web Server?
    3. How can i configure that raid?
    4. Server Machine has 2 HD each 80GB.can you plz tell me what would be the partition?i mean,how much space for root?how much for swap and how much for /home?
    5. Can i omit /home partition while partitioning for production web server?Only 2partition(1 for /root and another for /swap)? is there any need /home partition if i want to set up Production Web Server(LAMP).

    Thanx in Advance.

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    Re: Production Web Server

    Ummm, we just answered this question for you here:


    Hard to find and obsolete PC and server parts. "If we can't find it, it probably doesn't exist"


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